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If you are a homeowner who wants to learn more about the benefits of metal roofing, you probably know how important it is to hire a reputable Wilmington, NC metal roofing company. There are many different benefits to having a roof of this type, and it can save you money and add value to your home over time. If you are interested in metal roofing but have questions, it is important to get them answered by a professional. We at Metal Roofing Pros are a professional, hardworking roofing company that puts our customer’s first throughout the project’s completion process. 


We offer a wide variety of services for both home owners and commercial buildings and we’ve earned our stellar reputation through hard work and fair prices.

Residential Metal Roofing Services


Our team of experts will help you get your metal repair done quickly and correctly. Our metal roofing solutions will stand up to the elements and get you the results you're looking for.


Metal roofing is incredibly durable, lasts for decades, and can be molded to fit any home’s style. We offer a great solution for replacing your roof, thus saving you time and money, while keeping your home looking great.


Residential Metal Roof Installation

This quick and straightforward process which means you will have a newly roofed home rapidly.Our process is quick and straightforward meaning you'll have a new roof rapidly.


Residential Roof Inspection

Metal roofing is incredibly durable, lasts for decades, and can be molded to fit any home’s style. We offer a great solution for replacing your roof, thus saving you time and money, while keeping your home looking great.


Commercial Metal Roof Repair

Do you Have damage to your commercial building's metal roof? We provide24/7 metal roof repair for commercial building landlords around the greater Wilmington region! No matter if it was damaged by hail, torrential rain, or severe wind we'll restore your metal roof in no time and cost consciously!


Commercial Metal Roof Replacement

Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros provides commercial roof replacements for offices and commercial buildings in the neighboring Wilmington area. If you are wanting to learn of the options for replacing your commercial roof call us today!


Commercial Metal Roof Installation

When considering longevity of your roof and how well it performs over time, your roof installation caliber is equally as much as critical as the caliber of the roofing materials We at Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros are industry experts in metal roof system installations meaning you'll get an accurate completion on your roof project.


Commercial Roof Inspection

We produce Commercial Metal Roof Inspections to commercial building landlords for they are considering a new metal roof or wish for a second look at a newly installed metal roof in the Wilmington, NC locale

Types of Metals We Work With

  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Tin

Metal Roofing Systems

Corrugated Metal – Surprisingly sturdy panel and is regularly installed in states where affordably priced, yet sturdy roofs are important.

Standing Seam -Often preferred in Wilmington from an aesthetic point of view as its clean lines are frequently used in luxury residential & commercial projects.

Standing seam roofs also offer a long lifespan, leak protection, fire protection, are virtually maintenance-free, many color selections, snow retention systems, resistance to hail, wind resistance, and much more, many more benefits. 

Metal Tile – It is possible for metal tiles to last considerably longer than other types of asphalt roofs if they are correctly kept up.

The longevity is quite high for metal tiles and known to last fifty years or more. The elements of steel, makes a roof more resistant to severe weather conditions and general wear and tear.


Benefits of Metal Roofing

Many Wilmington area homeowners have chosen metal roofing for many decades, and rightfully so. Metal roofs are a great choice for commercial properties because of their lifespan, resistance to fire and harsh storms, and hail protection. In addition to lasting for a lifetime, metal roofs can add value to your home when you are ready to sell it. They have many benefits that should be contemplated before purchasing.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Weather Resistance – wind, torrential rain, hail, and other extreme weather conditions. 
  • Tax credits
  • Low Maintenance
  • Great Warranties

Metal Roofing Cost

Unlike traditional asphalt roofing, which could be easily installed by a savvy DIY homeowner or business owner, metal roofing needs experienced installation. 

Roofers who install metal have accumulated years of specialized knowledge in this field. Which is why they charge more for working on your home, compared to those who install shingles.

Overall, it is fair to anticipate to receive a quote with close to 50% of the total metal roofing cost to be on labor. The highest price to install are standing seam roofs, while traditional asphalt shingles expensive|when compared to metal shingles are more economical.

This investment variance is due to the fact that asphalt shingles are simpler and faster to put up than metal panels.

Frequently, roof panels are required to be altered to fit specific roof specifications.

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Metal Roofing Pros - Wilmington's Best Roofing Contractors

We service both residential and commercial building owners near the surrounding Wilmington, NC region. Including metal roofing solutions to maintain your building in top-notch condition. We only allow our trained roofing specialists to work on our projects, ensuring you get the most outstanding quality of work. We understand that your roof is one of the most crucial pieces of your home or business building. It is frequently the most impacted by weather and is a large component to the appearance of your business or home. This is why we offer long-lasting, professionally installed, and reasonably priced metal roofs. Using the latest technology, peak industry standards, and accomplished crew-members of Wilmington roofers, we make the process efficient and simple.

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  • Residential Metal Roof Inspections
  • Residential Roof Installation
  • Residential Roof Inspections
  • Commercial Metal Roof Inspections
  • Commercial Roof Installation
  • Commercial Roof Inspections

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