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We at Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros have several years of know-how and many happy customers who we have provided metal roof repairs.

Our widely well-respected reputation around the Myrtle Grove locale has been built through great communication and offering cost-effective roof repairs. Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros is an affordable roofing company, with tremendous customer service, the trained craftsmanship & uses peak materials.

We service commercial buildings and homeowners in the Myrtle Grove region through appointment solely.

We are experts in installing, repairing, and inspecting roofs made with Corrugated Metal, Standing Seam, Aluminum, and Steel.

Metal Roofing Myrtle Grove is our specialty!

What Is Metal Roof Repair

Metal roof repair is a methodology of rehabilitating a roofing system to its best stateĀ  with utilization of expert training and specialized experience and proper tools.

Why You Might Need Your Metal Roof Repaired

The regard for metal roofing is escalating during the past couple of years, because of advancements in the overall longevity of metal roof systems. In fact, almost all traditional metal roofing systems have the feasibility to endure up to 50 years with appropriate maintenance & repairs.

However, due to outside forces such as storm damage, contraction of the metal, rust, and metal expansion, they may occasionally demand repair to keep up their structural integrity and durability. It is vital to monitor your roof’s state to fix small issues before they eventually become large situations. Here are a couple of the common signs of metal roofing problems:

Types of Metal Roof Repair We Handle

Punctures, Leaks, Tears, and Gouges: Water is most definitely able to enter your home in a multitude ways, one of the most common signs of metal roof damage is a leak. If not immediately handled, it may cost you a lot of money.

Stains & Ceiling Patches: Seeing stains, dark marks, splotches, and patches on your ceiling may be a signal there’s a leak within your home’s roof. Be careful not to ignore this signal because these dark marks, patches, stains, or splotches can badly damage your ceiling, deteriorating it to the point it cannot maintain its own weight any longer.

Loose Nails: Can be caused by a number of concerns, such as improper installation. Some types of metal roof fastenings will probably demand re-tightening every ten to 15 years. There are a few situations where compromised fasteners may cause water leakages.

Corrosion: rust and corrosion are some of the most conventional problems for metal roofs. Whether it occurs early on, or in 50 years, corrosion is imminent and will surely appear at a point in the lifespan of a metal roof.

Worn Paint: Paint acts as another protection layer on metal roofs. However, changing temperatures, falling debris, hail, and other environmental factors may cause the paint to wear out. Once the paint starts to peel off, rain and other environmental elements get under the paint and onto the exposed, untreated exterior surface of your metal roof.

How Metal Roof Repair is Completed

The process of metal roof repair starts with performing a detailed inspection around the end and side laps, j-rails, sealants, penetrations, and seams etc.

Then continue cleaning the surrounding area so it is free of dirt and debris. After cleaning, the roofing expert will scuff the area where repair is being made with a wire brush and then cut a piece of sheet metal to conceal the perimeter of the hole or patch. Using a urethane-roofing sealant, the roofing specialist will reseal any areas with openings and holes. However, it is also vital to be cognisant that your metal roof system will reach a point where repairing is ineffective and restoration may be your best choice.

Metal Roof Repair Cost

It is not mandatory to replace the complete roof just it’s leaking. The appropriate sealant oftentimes is used to fix leaks or by replacing old tape sealers or screws. This designation encompasses those that were appropriately installed and still have durability left in them.

It is the most economical to fix leaks on a metal roof that are restricted to a particular area. These types of leaks can typically be found and fixed on the first visit by our expert roofing specialists.
Based on the length of time it takes and the amount of material used to fix the leak modest metal roof repairs ordinarily are priced around a couple of hundred dollars.

Demanding or mystery leaks that need follow up visits to completely fix will are more expensive but how much more is determined by the following factors:

  • Amount of leaks to be fixed
  • Size of leak
  • How simple the roof is to be accessed
  • Quantity of materials needed|required|necessary|will be used}

We work on leaks based on importance and estimated cost to halt water intrusion into your house and we always work within your budget.

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