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We are grateful for selecting Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros for your roofing needs! With years of experience and many happy home and business owners, our team has created a considerably dependable standing among Masonboro business and homeowners. Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros is an affordable roofing small business, with superior customer service, peak quality design, and we use solely the foremost materials.

We work with Masonboro locale of through appointment solely.

We produce the greater Masonboro region with skillful metal roofing services on business owners and homeowners. Our greatly experienced roofing professionals can install a new roof, repair and existing metal roof, or inspect your roof to affirm it is in adequate condition.

We are trained in installing, repairing and inspecting roofs made with Aluminum, Corrugated Metal, Standing Seam, and Steel.

Metal Roofing Masonboro is our specialty!

Residential Metal Roofing Services


Have a hole in your metal roof? We offer 24/7 metal roof repair for homes in and around the surrounding Masonboro region! We fix your roof so you can sleep soundly at night.


Residential Metal Roof Replacement

Have holes in your metal roof? We offer 24 Hour metal roof repair for homeowners in and around the greater Masonboro locale! We fix your roof so you can sleep soundly at night.


Residential Metal Roof Installation

This swift and painless methodology have a newly roofed house hastily.Our technique is fast and painless which means you will have a new roof rapidly.


Residential Roof Inspection

We help clients with Residential Metal Roof Inspections for when you're contemplating a new metal roof or are looking for another person review a newly installed metal roof.


Commercial Metal Roof Repair

No matter if your commercial building was compromised by bad weather or is breaking down from age, we provide the Masonboro area with commercial metal roof repairs.


Commercial Metal Roof Replacement

Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros offers commercial roof replacements for storage buildings and commercial buildings in the neighboring Masonboro area. If you need to explore the options for replacing your commercial roof call us today!


Commercial Metal Roof Installation

Concerning for durability of your roof and performance over time, the roof installation grade is just as much as relevant as the quality of the roofing materials themselves We are industry experts in new roof installations this means our roofing team will deliver flawless results.


Commercial Roof Inspection

We provide Commercial Metal Roof Inspections to clients for they're pondering a new metal roof replacement or considering another person's review on a recently installed metal roof near the Masonboro region

Types of Metals We Work With

– Copper
– Aluminum
– Steel

Metal Roofing Systems

Corrugated Metal – Extremely firm panel and is often utilized in states where economical, yet sturdy roofs are needed.

Standing Seam -Often well-liked in Masonboro from a presentation orientation as their clean lines are regularly utilized in high-end commercial and residential projects. Standing seam roofs also offer longevity, leak resistance, fire resistance, low maintenance requirements, many color selections, snow retention systems, hail resistance, wind protection, and much more.

Metal Tile – If properly cared for metal tile roofs should considerably outlive other tile types. 


The life span is quite high for metal tiles and a known life expectancy fifty years or longer. The elements of steel, make the roof more weather resistant, leakproof, and slows degradation.



Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has been an in demand choice for business owners near the greater Masonboro area for many years, rightfully so.

With its lifespan, inherent protection from fires, dangerous storm damage, and resistance to hail, it is plain to see why metal roofing is a stellar choice for many businesses & homeowners.

Not only does a metal roof system last years, can also boost the value of your home. They have countless benefits that you should consider before purchasing.

energy efficiency
Weather Resistance – high resistance to torrential rain, wind, hail, and other stormy weather conditions in Wilmington, NC.
tax credits
are virtually maintenance free

Metal Roofing Cost

The installation of metal roofing demands accomplished installation, whereas traditional asphalt roofing can be easily installed by DIY capable homeowners or business owners. Metal roofs require professional roofers to install the roof and they must have numerous years of experience to do the job correctly.

Roofers who install metal roofing systems have numerous years of specialized knowledge in this field. Which causes them to charge more for their labor when comparing to those who install shingles.

Generally, it’s common to foresee to spend with somewhere near 50% of the total metal roofing project price to be on labor.

The highest investment to install are standing seam roofs when compared to metal shingles are have a lower price.

This price variance is a result from the fact that asphalt shingles are less labor-intensive and faster to install than metal panels.

Often, roof panels are required to be made to fit specific roof dimensions.

New metal roof with skylight wilmington nc

Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros- Masonboro's Best Roofing Contractors

Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros serves both homeowners and business owners in the neighboring Masonboro area. Including metal roofing solutions to maintain your building in the best condition. We only allow our accomplished roofing specialists to work on our projects, ensuring you get the most outstanding quality of work. We understand that your roof is one of the most important components of your home or business building. It is almost always the most impacted by weather and is a major part to the aesthetic of your home & business. This is why we offer long-lasting, top-notch installation, and cost-effective metal roofs. Using the latest technology, highest industry standards, and trained crew-members of Masonboro roofers, we make the experience simple & efficient.

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