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We are thankful for picking Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros for your roofing needs! With years of know-how and numerous thrilled home and business owners, our company has created an incredibly positive reputation among Murraysville homeowners and business owners. Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros is a cost-effective roofing organization, with outstanding customer service, best quality workmanship, and we use solely the leading materials.

We work with Murraysville locale of through appointment solely.

We produce the greater Murraysville area with exemplary metal roofing services for business owners and homeowners. Our extensively accomplished roofing professionals can install a new roof, repair an existing metal roof, or inspect your roof to confirm it is in adequate condition.

We are experienced in inspecting, repairing, and installing roofs made with Steel, Corrugated Metal, Aluminum, and Standing Seam.

Metal Roofing Murraysville is our specialty!

Residential Metal Roofing Services


Have holes in your metal roof? We offer 24/7 metal roof repair for residential homes in and around the surrounding Murraysville area! We fix your roof so you can sleep soundly at night.


Residential Metal Roof Replacement

Have water leaking from your metal roof? We offer 24/7 metal roof repair for homes in and around the greater Murraysville locale! We fix your roof so you can sleep soundly at night.


Residential Metal Roof Installation

This rapid and straightforward process which means you will have a newly roofed home hastily.Our procedure is rapid and simple which adds up to you will have a new roof hastily.


Residential Roof Inspection

We help clients with Residential Metal Roof Inspections for when you're pondering a new metal roof or want another person review a recently installed metal roof.


Commercial Metal Roof Repair

We at Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros offer Murraysville commercial metal roof repair within your budget.


Commercial Metal Roof Replacement

Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros provides commercial roof replacements for offices and commercial buildings in the greater Murraysville region. If you are wanting to explore the options for replacing your commercial roof call us today!


Commercial Metal Roof Installation

When it comes to durability of your roof and how well it performs over time, the roof installation grade is just as much as significant as the caliber of the roofing materials themselves We’re leading our industry in metal roof system installations meaning you'll get an accurate completion on your roof project.


Commercial Roof Inspection

We produce Commercial Metal Roof Inspections to commercial building landlords for they are contemplating a new metal roof or considering a second opinion a newly installed metal roof in the Murraysville locale

Types of Metals We Work With

– Copper
– Aluminum
– Steel

Metal Roofing Systems

Corrugated Metal – Incredibly tough panel and is often used in states where affordably priced, yet rugged roofs are needed.

Standing Seam -Often more desired in Murraysville from a presentation standpoint as its smooth lines are frequently utilized in luxury commercial & residential projects. Standing seam metal roofs also offer a long lifespan, leak resistance, fire resistance, low maintenance requirements, numerous color options, snow retention systems, resistance to hail, wind protection, and much more.

Metal Tile – Asphalt roofs last for markedly less time when in a comparison to metal tiles if they’re sensibly maintained. 


The life span is quite high for metal tiles and can be used for 50 years or longer. The properties of steel, makes a roof more resistant to extreme weather conditions and general wear and tear.



Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has been a favored choice for homeowners in Murraysville for many decades, and with good reason.

With its lifespan, natural resistance from fires, dangerous storm damage, and resistance to hail, it’s obvious to see why metal roofs are a stellar choice for many businesses & homeowners.

In addition to lasting for a lifetime, metal roofs can add value to your home when you are ready to sell it. They have countless benefits that you should consider before investing in a metal roof.

energy efficiency
Weather Resistance – very resistant to torrential rain, hail, wind, and other stormy weather conditions in Wilmington, NC.
tax credits
almost free of maintenance

Metal Roofing Cost

Unlike the resourceful do it yourself business owner could install on their own, metal roofing requires trained installation.

Roofing specialists who install metal roofs have plenty of years of experience in this field. Thus they charge more for this specialized knowledge, compared to those who install shingles.

In general, you anticipate to invest with roughly 50% of the total metal roofing project price to be on labor.

Standing seam roofs are the highest investment to install, while traditional asphalt shingles less.

This investment discrepancy is a result from the fact that composite shingles are easier and faster to put up than metal panels.

Frequently, roof panels must to be customized to fit specific roof specifications.

New metal roof with skylight wilmington nc

Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros- Murraysville's Best Roofing Contractors

Wilmington Metal Roofing Pros services both homeowners & business owners near the neighboring Murraysville region. Including metal roofing solutions to keep your building in peak condition. We only allow our experienced roofing specialists to work on our projects, ensuring you get industry-leading quality of work. We understand that your roof is one of the most vital parts of your home or business building. It is frequently the most affected by weather and is a major component to the aesthetic of your home & business. That is why we provide long-lasting, skillfully installed, and reasonably priced metal roofs. Using the latest technology, highest industry standards, and an expertly trained crew-members of Murraysville roofers, we make the process efficient & simple.

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  • Residential Roof Inspections
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  • Commercial Roof Inspections

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